• Every year in February traditional “relics” with a fancy dress parade and bear-walk is held. Once every five years a traditional “relics with law” festival is held and a coach with a baron passes through the village, accompanied by ladies-in-waiting, musketeers and scribes.
  • In the end of June the festival of Saint Peter and Paul takes place.
  • In June and August local huntsmen meet the inhabitants; the meeting is followed by a venison feast and shooting competition.
  • The village town hall organises Youth Sports Games at the beginning of August, part of the event is camping (sleeping in tents) and pig-sticking.
  • The end of August is reserved for a three day liturgical celebration: “Parish Garden”.
  • Lighting the Christmas tree by parents and children on the village square is becoming a tradition as well combined with shows and cultural programs.
  • The local pub welcomes any family or public celebrations.
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