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The dominant building in the area is the Church of St. Peter and Paul. This church was built during the rule of John Joseph I of Liechtenstein between the years 1805 – 1807. The Liechtenstein crest hangs above the church entrance. Recently two relics beside the church were restored: the statue of John of Nepomuk and a crucifix. Adjacent to the church are the parish premises including an imposing rectory, a parish garden and parish cemetery. These are situated on a hill south-west of the church offering panoramic views of the Chřiby Mountains, Ždánice Forest, Kopánky Hill, Hradisko Hill (the highest hill of the region), Pavlovice Forest and the uplands stretching to Vyškov.
Next to the parish premises is the English Park with a monument for victims of the Great War and a recently planted park between the church and parish cemetery. Other significant buildings in the village are the school, the Manor House and granary near to the church. On the hillside of Kopánky 300 meters north of the village are a protected linden tree and a crucifix presented by local inhabitants at the end of World War II in celebration and memory of liberation. Between Milonice village and Nesovice village stands a statue of the Virgin Mary. Bicycle route No.5029 passes through the village leading to Koryčany and further onwards to Krásensko.

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