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The Imperial Mansion built in 1561, ordered by Záviš of Víckov. The building was to be constructed according to the plans of an unknown Italian architect, however Záviš died in 1569 and none of the succeeding heirs and owners had sufficient means to finalise the intended grandiose property with four wings.
A farmstead with barns, garden nurseries, hop-gardens and a brewery was built below the Imperial Mansion. During the Thirty Years War the Nesovice area was razed several times by foreign troops and in 1645 the Imperial Mansion was plundered and damaged. At present it is a private property not open to public.

In 1936 a new chapel was built on the village square and dedicated to St. John of Nepomuk whose antique statue was brought in from an old demolished chapel. The abbot of the local Premonstratensian/Norbertine Abbey in Nová Říše, Pavel Souček – who was born in Nesovice - became benefactor of the chapel. The dedication of the chapel became a celebration for the whole parish and neighbouring villages.

A newly-built water tower overlooks the village. It is one of the highest village land marks.

Another significant building in the village is the school. It is visible from a great distance when passing through Nesovice on the main road E50. In 2002 a gymnasium was built next to the school.

Litava River flows through the village surrounded by various kinds of plants and flowers.

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